FXdesign - 3D Design_Rendering
Conceptual Design_FXDesign can become a part of your project at the very beginning when it is vital to lay out and visualize a variety of ideas to begin to see a path to the final solution.  Let our experience and expertise  make that path easier to navigate. 
Visualzation_ FXDesign plays an important role at this stage of the design process by quicky getting ideas on paper or digital media.  Through the use of hand sketching or computer software you will begin to see the design come to life as a 2D layout and 3D projection. 
3D Modeling_ FXDesign uses the latest in 3D modeling software and powerful computer technology to create a virtual model of the design in scale and with complete detail.
 Rendering_ FXDesign puts the final degree of detail onto the model by applying acurate material finishes and graphic elements to the design.  Also at this stage it is possible to see a variety of finish choices to help finalize your design. 
Presentation_ FXDesign provides accurate renderings from any desired view and can rotate 360 degrees so the design can be seen from any vantage point.  The final product as digital file or printed document is a photo realistic version of your idea and can be presented for final approval.
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